Reunion Giving

Many Mount Saint Vincent alumnae/i honor their experience at the College with a significant gift or commitment during their Reunion year. Reunion class giving accounts for approximately 20% of the Annual Fund, and offers alumnae/i the opportunity to preserve and enhance their class’ legacy in the history of the College.

Reunion and Homecoming Weekend will be celebrated October 19-21, 2018, and will recognize classes ending in “3” and “8.” Save the date for the celebration, but make your gift before June 30, 2018 to count towards your goal. Class goals are:

Class Reunion Contributions Participation Percentage
’43 75th $    3,000 30%
’48 70th $  45,000 40%
’53 65th $  15,000 50%
’58 60th $ 10,000 50%
’63 55th $ 25,000 50%
’68 50th $ 30,000 50%
’73 45th $ 25,000 30%
’78 40th $ 25,000 30%
’83 35th $ 10,000 30%
’88 30th $   3,500 15%
’93 25th $  5,000 10%
’98 20th $  3,000 10%
’03 15th $  3,000 10%
’08 10th $  3,000 10%
’13 5th $  3,000 10%
Total $208,500

Reunion Giving Options

  1. Make a gift to the Annual Fund
    Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund ensure the College possesses the resources necessary to provide an exceptional education and transformative opportunities to students. These contributions ensure the quality and scope of learning opportunities at the College through scholarships and financial aid grants for deserving students.
  2. Multi-Year Commitment
    a. Unrestricted current use, five-year pledge: Formalize your Annual Fund giving intentions between this Reunion and your next. The full amount of your pledge will be included in your class-giving goal.
    b. Restricted: Direct your giving to a specific purpose or initiative. The full amount of your pledge will be included in your class-giving goal.
  3. Planned Giving/Bequests
    There are many ways that you can contribute to the College without affecting your current lifestyle or your family’s financial security. Some involve the immediate transfer of cash or property (i.e. retirement assets), and others may be part of an estate plan (i.e. bequests). Many gifts provide valuable tax benefits and/or secure income streams that last a lifetime (i.e. annuities). This type of giving will only count towards your class participation goal.

For more information, please contact:

Kristin Yanniello
Associate Director for Alumnae/i Relations and Giving
(718) 405-3252