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Endowment for Programs


Student-Faculty Research
Mount students are 44% more likely than students at other colleges and universities to conduct original research under the direction of dedicated faculty members. This powerful learning experience is the single strongest predictor of admission to and success in graduate or professional school. It affirms that a student has progressed toward self-disciplined intellectual independence.

Many Mount students present their research at regional and national scholarly conferences, as well as at the University’s Annual Student Research and Service Symposium. The breadth, originality, and quality of Mount student research is extraordinary.

Research is time-consuming. Summer offers some of the best time for student-faculty research. This endowment will support merit awards for exceptional students, making it possible for them to forgo paid summer employment and have dedicated time to engage in student-faculty research.

Oxley Discovery Internships
Internships, many of which are unpaid, are an important component of the Oxley Integrated Advising Program. Internships help students refine and demonstrate their skills and be fully competitive in the marketplace. They help students discover their passions and launch their careers.

Through internships, students see more clearly the implications of the skills they are learning inside and outside the classroom. They develop relationships with mentors and internship supervisors and start to create the professional networks that can lead to employment after graduation.

Summer presents some of the best internship opportunities. This endowment will support merit awards for exceptional students, making it possible for them to choose a first-rate internship rather than paid summer employment.

The University will raise a $1.5 million endowment to support student-faculty research and the Oxley Discovery Internships.