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Microbiology Laboratory


Science Hall houses the University’s signature programs in Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry. At the beginning of the silent phase of the Ad Lux campaign, only the Microbiology Laboratory, unchanged since 1953, remained to be renovated.

In the sciences, facilities and equipment must be state-of-the-art for students and faculty to work on the frontiers of their disciplines. Renovation of the Science Hall was essential to sustain the quality of these exceptional programs. From contemporary standards of ventilation to computerized data acquisition and from chemical hoods to dedicated space for original research, Science Hall is now as good as it gets.

With the generous support of friends and alumnae/i during the silent phase of the Ad Lux campaign, the University renovated the Microbiology Laboratory, turned a general-purpose classroom into a physics/tissue culture laboratory, created space for original research in microbiology, and created all-new support space.