Centennial Society

The Centennial Society was launched in Fall 2012 to acknowledge the generosity of alumnae/i and friends who intend to make an estate (legacy) gift to the College. Below is a list of individuals who have confirmed or shared their legacy plans with us. We thank those who support the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s legacy.

In addition, individuals marked with a cross (†) have been inducted posthumously into our Centennial Society for their generosity to the College since 1990. We are grateful for their contributions.

Current Centennial Society Members

Class of 1923
Helen Lee Binschoff †
Agnes Seifert Steinberg †

Class of 1924
Sarah Purcell Leonard †

Class of 1925
Gabrielle Leboeuf Caffee†
Claire Sullivan O’Keeffe †

Class of 1926
Kathleen Devlin †
Mary Stapleton †

Class of 1927
Juliet Ludford Fenlon †
Margaret Dooley O’Neill †

Class of 1928
Evelyn May Brady †
Helen Delehanty Dyer †
Catherine F. Reid †

Class of 1929
Anna C. Brennan †
Mildred Harrington Deevy †
Margaret McCloskey Lynch †
Margaret Dooley O’Neill †
Theresa O’Neill †

Class of 1930
Mary Farrell †
Eleanor Shoughrue Kling †
Agnes Schindler McGarrity †
Mary Brennan Speicher †

Class of 1931
Anarita Welcke Devlin †
Rita J. Kennedy †

Class of 1932
Frances Conlon Breeding †
Anita M. Clausen †
Dorothy Clark Hald †
Nora Maguire Lawlor †
Georgette Meehan
Livingston †
Anne O’Rourke Reid †
Catherine Harrington Ripple †
Gertrude Ryan Tyrrell †

Class of 1933
Mary Zambetti Brimo †
Edith Kearney DeWald †
Helen Desmond Fitzpatrick †
Margaret M. Hart †
Marie Marshall McConnell †
Muriel McNevins †
Mary Brady O’Brien †
Otillia Cancellieri Porcell †
Rita Smyth †

Class of 1934
Marion Goepfert Baker †
Mary I. Gaynor †
Bernadette M. Keegan †
Rita M. Long †
Elizabeth M. McCloskey †
Helen E. Peixotto †
Anna C. Weber †

Class of 1935
Helen Stafford Curry
Elizabeth M. Maloney †
Gertrude A. Schlachter †

Class of 1936
Dorothy M. Flynn †
Mary Cahill Heap †
Rita Cogozzo Kelk †
Virginia Duffy McNamara †

Class of 1937
Eleanor O’Connell †
Antoinette Smith Walker †
Edna Fitzgerald Weigandt †

Class of 1938
Mary Millard Alcock †
Kathryn Callahan Magaziner †
Bernardine McNeany †
Cordelia Orlando Merolla †
Beatrice O’Brien †
Anne Dolan Suplee †

Class of 1939
Sheila Gleeson MacDonald †
Dorothy Niewenhous Marsh †
Vivian Hunter Nelson †
Sheila O’Brien †
Eileen Tobin †
Katherine Canavan Weber †

Class of 1940
Kathleen Whelan Frame †
Alice M. Kearney †
Josephine A. Keller †
Helen O’Brien Longino †
Josephine C. Mahon †
Virginia Connolly Mitty †

Class of 1941
Rita Martin Fass †

Class of 1942
Jeanne Van Wyck Curtis †
Rita Nowicki Fish †
Lucretia Stamm Gilhooly †
Mary O’Grady Higgins †
Shirley Pence Kilkenny †

Class of 1943
Shirley Merrick Ardsley †
Margaret L. Decker †
Elena J. Frevola †
Mary C. Galligan †
Veronica P. Garvey †
Marion H. Kelly †
Jane Tully Porter
Elizabeth F. Walsh †

Class of 1944
Eleanor Daley †
Rita V. Delapp †
Catherine R. DeRoberts †
Margaret Markey Evans †
Sylvia Repetto Larkin
Mary F. Liston †

Class of 1945
Margaret J. Gallon †
Helen Hanrahan Kelly
Mary Turclotte Kelly †
Charlotte Aufenanger Ryan†
Marie Rotondi Straton
Barbara Theobald †

Class of 1946
Eileen O’Rourke Armstrong†
Anne B. Comiskey †
Aileen Lally Ferguson
Catherine P. Martin †
Elizabeth J. Rock
June E. Saal

Class of 1947
Adelaide Hannan †
Jeanette Ferris Nassour †
Mary O’Dare Walsh †

Class of 1948
Helen Higgins Clausen
Gloria DeMarco †
Joan E. Donovan
Joan M. Kennedy
Marguerite Lowell †
Anna Murphy Reid †
Margaret O’Connell
Selinger †
Kathryn Shaker Sperrazzo †

Class of 1949
Mary Pence Cavell †
Margaret Mitty Conroy †
Isabel Ferrara †
Noreen J. Haggerty
Marian Francis Harriott †
Ann Selinger Henegan
Mary Louise MacFarland
Joan Klintworth Walsh

Class of 1950
Wilda O’Donnell Gazik †
Joan Backer Maddy

Class of 1951
Anonymous (2)
Eileen Joyce Dullmeyer
Marilyn McLaughlin Fulner
Anne Marlborough Horan
Alice J. Longman
Dale Avella Masi
Geraldine Motta Oxley †
Kathryn Glennon Ryan †
Joanne Marona Wuest

Class of 1952
Betty Cahill Cummings †
Fayne McGrath Daniels
Paulette Hamway Didato
Adelaide Martin Keetz †
Patricia Mecking Liptrot †

Class of 1953
Anonymous (2)
Jean Capestro Loubriel †
Roberta Raymond Slonim

Class of 1954
Marilyn Blake Foster
Beatrice Chao Lee
Marie Koch Manning
Jeanne Havender Tobin

Class of 1955
Anonymous (1)
Helen Rouge Carey
Barbara Kennedy
Mary C. McGinley
Virginia Curran Rederer

Class of 1956
Anonymous (1)
Kathryn A. Collins
Marie C. Diorio †
Martha E. Fedorko †
Marie Mulligan Lauria
Astrid Richie O’Brien †
Georgia A. Strong

Class of 1957
Anonymous (1)
Kathleen Barry Dublirer †
Eleanor K. Gauthier †
Rosita Stagg Medler
Donna M. Murphy
Mary Ellen O’Kane Ryan

Class of 1958
Maureen L. Evans
Dahlia Napolitano Penachio
Marie Devincenzo Ross

Class of 1959
Katherine M. Christie
Teresa Paterniani Cooper
Sandra Doyle Hamilton
Kathryn Pitkiewicz
Barbara Cahill Rendich
Patricia O’Malley Reilly †
Barbara Boughton White

Class of 1960
Anonymous (1)
Adele Range Byrne
Mary A. Christie
Andrea C. Drake †
Carol Dalmasso Keyloun
Priscilla Mullins McNamara

Class of 1961
Anonymous (1)
Lucille Palumbo Bartolomo
Mary Jane Faherty Byrne †
Carol Anne Dupraz †
Zeni V. Fox
Barbara Hillman Horgan
Catherine E. McDermott †
Jean Conlin Micallef
Dorothy Mullins Meyer

Class of 1962
Anonymous (1)
Mary McIntyre Anderson
Luise F. Bethencourt
Mary Slaker Haas

Class of 1963
Anonymous (1)
Leona L. Leo
Loretta Arfi Malaspina
Teresa M. Wright †

Class of 1964
Linda L. Heimerdinger
Eleanor Fleming Millar

Class of 1965
Marguerite O’Rourke Arbutiski
Jane Weibrecht Audrey-Neuhauser
Gail Vance Civille
Joan Mullaly DeYoung
Angela M. Donovan
Cornelia Hamill Duffy
Maria McGovern Hyson
Joan E. Kinlan †
Virginia A. LiVolsi
Margaret F. Mahon
Peggy A. Steffann

Class of 1966
Anonymous (1)
Cecilia Favorini Balog
Barbara A. Battalino †
Anne M. Carpenter
Marilyn J. Molter
Mary Alice Becker Searles

Class of 1967
Virginia Tilch Nasser

Class of 1968
Elizabeth R. Brown
Mary Anne Grothe Litell
Barbara A. Patocka
Joanne Mullaney Pieper
Valerie C. Scanlon
Deborah Lamb Ziegler
Patricia Connelly Zorka

Class of 1969
Anonymous (1)
Rita C. Conyers
Claire-Anne Gray
Ellen Riesz Green
Nancy E. Harding
Catherine Forte Lanza
Mary Beth Colligan Woods

Class of 1970
Florence Reardon Hess
Johanna Coletta Fallert
Kathleen A. Maccio †
Michelle A. Mally
Elizabeth Ouellette Maltby

Class of 1971
Anonymous (2)
Patricia Halpin Albo
Rosalba Corrado Del Vecchio
Barbara Walter Walsh †

Class of 1972
Noreen M. Culhane
Jeannine Mally Glazewski
Kathleen Rubsam Muleski
Vivienne Andrea Parodi
Marianne Paulsen
Susan Leonard Whitney

Class of 1973
Bernadette T. Stewart

Class of 1974
Anonymous (1)
Kathleen P. Butler
Jane Bianco Clunie
Maureen Rochford-Mitchell
Kathryn Swintek Dorra

Class of 1975
Rosemary T. Berkery
Mary Beth Malone
Marie D. Thomas

Class of 1976
Elizabeth Walton York

Class of 1977
Joanne R. Guerriero
Victoria Lickers Mitchell
Rosemary Ryan Tarangioli

Class of 1978
Doriana R. Fontanella
Mary A. Thiesing

Class of 1982
Anonymous (1)

Class of 1984
Doreen Donohue Berlesky

Class of 1992
Francine Loud Dennis

Class of 2008
Alfred R. Schor

Anonymous (2)
James Albo
Ben Arbutiski
Colette F. Atkins
Martha E. Bernard †
Jesse D. Boehret †
Gary Combs
Cristóbal Conde
Robert DeYoung
Robert E. Dillon †
Edmund C. Duffy
Eleanor W. Fitzgerald †
James A. Fitzpatrick †
Ethel J. Flanagan †
Charles L. Flynn, Jr.
Richard Guerin †
James E. Haley †
Nancy Haley
Steven M. Hayes
Barbara Heiden †
Marie Herrmann †
Gail C. and John V. Horsting
Jane T. Linehan †
Ann Marie McGoldrick †
Bernadette A. McKay †
Robert C. O’Brien
Concetta Portaro †
Louis C. Schimoler †
Susana Simpson †
Catherine A. Walsh †
Ann Woodford †
Geraldine E. Young †
Richard Ziegler

Centennial Society members receive exclusive invitations to events and programs at the Mount, as well as recognition in our Annual Report and other publications. View Special Events.

We recognize that many legacy gift donors wish to remain anonymous. If you would like to include the Mount in your estate plan but prefer not to be publicly acknowledged during your lifetime, the College is happy to honor your wish and maintain your confidentiality.

If you wish to become a member of the Centennial Society or discuss ways to include the College of Mount Saint Vincent in your estate plan, please contact us. We are happy to help match your interests and aspirations with the needs of the Mount, and facilitate your significant long-term impact.

We strive to update the list above as frequently as possible and to ensure that members’ names are listed accurately. If there are errors or omissions, please accept our apologies. To notify our office of any errors or omissions, please contact:

(718) 405-3237