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Reinstatement Procedures

Returning from Medical Leave
A student on medical leave seeking to return to the University of Mount Saint Vincent must submit required documentation by certain dates to be considered for re-enrollment. What documentation is required in a given case is determined individually. In general, students must release to Academic Affairs reports from their medical providers describing the treatment, the student’s current clinical status, and the provider’s opinion as to the student’s readiness to return. In extraordinary circumstances, Mount Saint Vincent may require an additional assessment to ensure the student’s readiness for return. The student carries the burden of establishing reasonable capability of day-to-day functioning, with or without accommodations. Mount Saint Vincent may also require an interview with the student focusing on understanding the factors that resulted in the leave, the student’s experience while on leave, and the plan for ensuring a successful return. Upon a satisfactory review, the College may require a check-in to evaluate the student’s safety and treatment plans.

Returning Student Checklist | Medical Leave of Absence

  • Contact the Dean of Undergraduate College and/or the Dean for Graduate and Professional Studies to express your wish to return from medical leave of absence and obtain all necessary information of what the college requires of you in order to return.
  • Please provide each health care provider you have seen during your time away with a copy of the Medical Provider Report Form. Ask each provider to complete the form and send the forms electronically to the Dean of the Undergraduate College or Dean for Graduate and Professional Studies. If you were seen by multiple providers within a single clinic, one form may be submitted for all the treatment you had in that clinic.
  • If your treatment expectations at the University of Mount Saint Vincent include special accommodations (e.g. housing, mobility, etc.) and/or if you have undergone specialized testing or evaluation (e.g. substance abuse, eating disorder, ADHD, etc.) you may need to be cleared by Student Affairs and Counseling Services.
  • You will be asked to participate in a re-enrollment interview with the Dean of the Undergraduate College and/or Dean for Graduate and Professional Studies. You may be asked to explain what you have been doing while on leave to address the medical issue(s), and what you think you would need for a successful transition back to the University of Mount Saint Vincent.