TRIO Student Support Services

The TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSS) has provided educational, professional, and cultural enrichment to its participants at the College since 1997, through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The Program enhances the academic performance, retention, and graduation rates of its participants through comprehensive support services provided to selected low-income, first-generation, and/or students with disabilities.

TRIO Summer Program
The TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Summer Program offers first-year students the opportunity to engage in a series of academic, personal, and cultural workshops, as well as social activities that facilitate their successful transition into the college environment. Acceptance into the TRIO Summer Program depends on space availability, student eligibility, and summer program participation.

TRIO Leadership Programs
TRIO SSS provides leadership development opportunities through positions, such as Peer-Leader, Orientation Coordinator, Mentor, Academic Assistant, and Student Worker. These experiences enable students to develop decision-making skills, confidence, and professional skills.

TRIO SSS also offers the following programs to help students gain skill sets applicable to higher leadership positions in college and their lives.

  • Academic Advocacy provides students with counseling and support to help them excel in academic course work.
  • Leadership Development
    Students are encouraged to participate in Peer-Leadership activities during the TRIO Summer Program, which allow them to hone their leadership skills, program development, and team-building abilities.
  • The TRIO Mentor Program
    This program utilizes carefully selected upper-classmen matched with incoming freshman students, to assist with their transition into and issues associated with college life.

Academic Support

  • Academic workshops that focus on academic success on topics as time management, study skills, financial aid guidance, scholarship search, college writing, and exam preparation
  • Career development workshops about resume writing, interviewing, graduate school applications, and financial literacy
  • Counseling and advisement support network available until graduation
  • Cultural enrichment, including at least one Broadway or off-Broadway play per semester
  • TRIO library offers textbooks used in several majors and in most core courses, to assist students with tutoring. Tutoring resources include writing manuals, reference books, and dictionaries
  • Tutoring and academic support in most classes and disciplines

Acceptance into the program is by invitation only. Federal regulations require that participants be:

  • enrolled in classes at the College of Mount Saint Vincent
  • a low-income student whose family meets federal income eligibility guidelines
  • a first-generation college student whose parent/guardian has not graduated from a four-year institution
  • a college student with a documented disability
  • all TRIO SSS participants must also demonstrate academic need for program services

Download and print the application form.

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