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The Department of History provides students with an opportunity to learn how past events have shaped the world in which we live, and how different cultural, political, religious, and social groups have formed and interacted, from the ancient world to the present. The study of history requires empathy—the understanding of people different from oneself—and provides students with a unique set of analytical and critical thinking skills that can be applied to a wide range of professional career paths.

History students are well-trained for careers in law, education, private enterprise, and government service, and the major prepares them for success in graduate study, from law school to business school to masters and doctoral programs in history, education, public policy, political science, and writing.

Members of the faculty in history are accessible and dedicated to the success of every student. The program comprises a range of exciting, cutting-edge courses in American, European, and global history. Students will master academic skills essential to professional life, including analytical writing, information literacy, complex research methodologies, critical assessment, and public speaking. An array of internships with private and public sector organizations in the New York City region provide cutting-edge experience and credit toward the history major.


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