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The Department of Mathematics educates all students in quantitative reasoning and rigorous deduction. The Department prepares students for employment in professions such as business, education and technology, as well as for advanced degree study.

The study of mathematics is complex and far-ranging, enabling students to progress from a procedural, computational understanding of mathematics to a broad understanding that can encompass logical reasoning, generalization, abstraction, and proof. Students learn to analyze data carefully and communicate results and conclusions effectively—skills that can be adapted to any career path.

By demonstrating competency with a variety of technological tools, such as mathematical software, computer algebra systems, visualization software, statistical packages, and computer programming languages, students strengthen their mathematical vocabulary. Students also learn to apply continuous and discrete, algebraic and geometric, deterministic and stochastic, and theoretical and applied techniques from a broad range of mathematical disciplines.

The Department regularly participates in conferences that further build the student’s repertoire of related skills, sending student representatives to the regional undergraduate conferences. Students wishing to deepen the study of a particular field team up with a faculty member for more intensive work that often leads to student research presentations.


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