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Modern Languages

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers programs of study in a variety of languages, literatures, and cultures. Its foundational courses teach students to comprehend, read, write, and speak effectively in another language, and its advanced courses help students begin to think across cultures and critically analyze major literary texts and other cultural productions. The Department also provides students with a greater awareness and appreciation of diverse peoples and cultures, as well as a greater sensitivity towards the problems and issues facing the world today.

Students may pursue a BA in French Studies; a BA in Italian and Italian Diaspora Studies; or a BA in Spanish. We offer minors in French, Italian, Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Philippine Studies. Additionally, the College offers many languages as part of the consortium with Lehman College and Manhattan College, including Arabic, Chinese, Irish, Japanese, Latin, and Russian. Select advanced courses in French, Italian and Spanish not offered at Mount Saint Vincent may also been taken through the consortium.

Modern language degrees offer many advantages to a wide range of careers including teaching, publishing, translating and interpreting, international business and marketing, medicine and healthcare, law and criminal justice. A background in modern languages also serves those seeking employment in a variety of non-profit organizations, the United States government, and the United Nations. Modern language degrees better prepare students for advanced study in the fields of education, literature, linguistics, cultural studies, international relations, peace studies, and conflict resolution, as well as graduate research in the social sciences and the humanities.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures encourages all students to study abroad. We regularly run faculty-led programs, and we also collaborate with the College’s Study Abroad Office to help students explore the many other semester and summer study abroad opportunities that are available to them.

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