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Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology

Studying Sociology

The Department of Sociology, through its curriculum of courses and faculty support, prepares students to think critically about issues of social life experience, to develop the ability to interpret and evaluate data and information in orderly fashion, and to employ a focused approach to listening, oral communication, observing, and critical, analytic writing.

The study of sociology develops very marketable professional skills—how to ask and answer research questions about complex social realities, how to write in a sharp, clear, well-organized, and engaging manner, and how to address organizational problems using the results of systematic research. The Department focuses substantively on questions of international inequality; crime, justice, and injustice; urban life and urban planning; economics, and popular culture.

With a talented, committed, and supportive faculty, students are provided with a strong foundation in theoretical thinking, research methods and analysis. They have multiple opportunities to engage in research projects. And they develop strong multicultural awareness. High quality internship opportunities serve to enhance the learning process.

Sociology students are trained in the principles and practice of research, from conception to measurement. They are encouraged to develop the necessary skills to master the gamut of analytical and critical thinking, and to make important strides in the development of themselves as leaders, professionals, members of society, and as whole persons.

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