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BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

Degree Requirements

A total of 36 credits, 15 from each of two areas, a required 3-credit Internship, and a 3-credit capstone experience are required for this major. No more than six credits at introductory level are permitted in each area. The College does not approve combining this major with a program leading to certification in secondary education. A student who desires to design an Interdisciplinary Studies major must complete the application procedures no later than the completion of 75 earned credits.

Transfer students may apply for this major. They are expected to complete at least nine Mount Saint Vincent credits in each of the two areas selected.

During the discussion of the student’s proposal, the Chairperson/ Director establishes minimum departmental requirements, designates appropriate introductory courses, determines general guidelines, and will assure that the key courses in the discipline are included in the proposal.

When the appropriate faculty have signified their approval of the student’s proposal, the student brings the proposal to the Interdisciplinary Studies advisor who, after reviewing it and, if deeming it necessary, making additional recommendations, completes the application procedure by signing the proposal and registering the student as an Interdisciplinary Studies major.

At each subsequent registration period, students following individual Interdisciplinary Studies programs are required to present both their approved application and their semester’s program card when seeking their faculty advisor’s signature.