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Minor in Latin American Studies

The minor in Latin American studies provides students with a greater awareness and appreciation of the diverse people and culture of Latin America as well as a greater sensitivity toward the problems and issues facing Latin America today. The program, an area-specific cultural studies alternative to the Spanish minor, allows students the option of taking up to two courses from other departments.

In the spirit of a liberal arts education, the minor provides students in a wide range of degree programs the option of pursuing their interest in Latin America, all the while making them more attractive job candidates in an increasingly competitive global market.


The minor in Latin American studies requires:

  • 18 course credits related to the subject
  • A minimum of 4 courses in Spanish related to Latin America, including Latin American Civilization (SPAN 341) and Masterworks in Latin American Literature I or II (SPAN 350 or 351)
  • At least 4 of the courses must be at the 300/400 level

No more than two approved courses related to Latin American studies from other disciplines may be applied toward the minor, and a maximum of two courses counting toward the major may be applied to fulfill minor requirements.

Approved Courses

Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

SPAN 210 Writing Spanish
SPAN 220 Speaking Spanish
SPAN 227-228 Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Upper-Level Courses
All 300-level Spanish courses are intended for students who have completed:

  • 210 or 220 or
  • 227 or 228 or 
  • Are able to demonstrate an equivalent proficiency in Spanish
SPAN 300 The Musical Heritage of the Americas
SPAN 303 Hispanic Culture Through Film
SPAN 307 Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPAN 341 Latin American Civilization
SPAN 350, 351 Masterworks in Latin American Literature I and II

All 400-level Spanish courses are intended for students who have completed:

  • SPAN 307 or
  • Are able to demonstrate an equivalent proficiency in Spanish
SPAN 405 Caribbean Literature
SPAN 410 The Detective Genre
SPAN 420, 320 Special Topics in Spanish
SPAN 423 Great Hispanic Poets
SPAN 424 The Modern Novel in Spain and Latin America
SPAN 431 Romanticism in Latin America
SPAN 434 The Latin American Essay
SPAN 435 Latin American Short Fiction
SPAN 440 Gender Studies in Hispanic Literature
SPAN 460 Independent Study

Department of History

HIST 315 Colonial Latin America
HIST 317 Modern Latin America in the 19th and 20th Centuries
HIST 318 Modern Caribbean: Between Revolution and Dictatorship
HIST 376, 476 Topics in World History

Department of Sociology

SOC 304 Globalization and Inequality
SOC 305 Urban Sociology
SOC 328 Societies and Cultures of Latin America
SOC 344 A Nation of Immigrants
SOC 345 New York City Ethnic Communities

Department of Fine Arts

ART 313 Nineteenth Century Art
ART 314 Modern Art
ART 431 Art of Native Cultures
Art 436 Topics in Art