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Minor in Web Design

The web design minor provides learners with the unique skills they need to design, build, and develop a variety of responsive cross-browser, cross-platform websites, and applications.  The program delivers foundational knowledge in the principles of visual communication, design thinking, and elements of design as applied to front-end client side CSS grid based, HTML websites with User Interface (UI) applications.

Efficient, best practices in coding provide the logic for both website navigation and control of cloud-based databases, and to connect rich web applications to backend server data. In the process, participants learn about markup languages, scripting languages, human-computer interaction and experience design, event-driven programming, and small databases in the delivery of exciting applications.

The hybrid, interdisciplinary curriculum combines in-seat courses with online courses in user experience design and web applications available through the CCIS consortium on the LCMC (Lower Cost Models for Independent Colleges Consortium) learning and content delivery platform. Flexibility and modularity are built into the hybrid curriculum.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply creativity, brainstorming, conceptualization, analysis, prototyping, and experimentation. Students learn ‘design thinking’ in the contexts of design history, cultural diversity, and the aesthetics of interaction.
  • Build knowledge and skills in interaction design for web environments, including the examination of user behaviors, attitudes, and expectations.
  • Develop analytical and problem based practices surrounding logic oriented algorithmic thinking from a computational perspective, including the use of the ‘HTML-CSS -JavaScript trilogy’ to dictate and control website content, navigation, and interactions.

Minor Requirements

The minor in web design requires 19 course credits, including:

Web Design Minor  Credits
COMM 220 Visual Communication and Design 3
COMM 405 Web Programming and Development, OR
COMM 408 Web Development, OR
COMM 403 Interaction Design
DATA 201/MATH 250 Foundations of Python Programming 4
COMM 390 User Experience I – Understanding User Experience 3
COMM 391 User Experience II – Building Compelling User Experiences 3
COMM 392 Programming for Everyone, OR
COMM 409 Application Development I, OR
COMM 410 Goal Oriented Web Design 3


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