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Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Health Professions Advisory Committee is a counseling body of faculty members established to give guidance to students who are interested in preparing for medical, dental, or allied health careers. Our science curricula offer a four-year program of study designed to meet the requirements of the Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Dental Association for admission to accredited medical, dental, podiatric, veterinary, and optometry schools.

The Committee attempts to make the pre-professional student aware of the qualifications essential for admission to professional school. It is also the concern of the Committee to direct the student to choose a program of studies that will furnish him/her not only with specialized pre-professional courses in science, but also with a broad liberal education that will prepare him/her for active and creative participation in the spiritual and intellectual needs of the human community. The committee also conducts a required interview with all applicants during the application process and makes formal recommendations to medical and dental schools.

In view of the limited number of students accepted by professional schools and their high standards of admission, pre-professional students are expected to maintain an average of at least “B” in their courses. To qualify for medical or dental recommendation, a student should have received credit for General Biology (BIOL 111-112), General Chemistry (CHEM120-121), Organic Chemistry (CHEM 219-320 , CHEM 223-224 ), Biochemistry (CHEM 433), Calculus I (MATH 131), Calculus II (MATH 132) or Biomedical Statistics (MATH 121), and General Physics (PHYS 207-208 ).

Health Profession Advisory Committee Members

Dr. James Fabrizio
Chair of the Health Professions Advisory Committee and Pre-Med Advisor
Dr. Pamela Kerrigan
Dr. Janet Rollins
Dr. Ioanna Visviki