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Minor in Women’s Studies

All students are welcome to pursue an interdisciplinary minor in Women’s Studies. Such a minor provides a breadth of knowledge to women’s issues and an understanding of the legal, moral, and political issues confronting women today. In addition, it demonstrates to potential employers and graduate programs that you are capable of serious, critical thinking from many different disciplinary perspectives.

A Women’s Studies minor will help you choose from exciting career opportunities in many different fields, including teaching, writing, publishing, health, politics, law, psychology, and social work.

Program Requirements

The minor in Women’s Studies requires 18 course credits (six courses), one of which must be Women’s Studies 300: Introduction to Women’s Studies (WE). The five additional courses may be made up of a combination of eligible courses from different departments. Students may use up to two courses that count towards their major or from any single discipline to fulfill the requirements of the Women’s Studies Minor.

Eligible Courses

The following courses can count towards the 18 credits required for completion of a minor in Women’s Studies:

COMM 340 Media Criticism
ENGL 313 Women in Literature
HIST 455 Women in American History
HIST 461 Women in European History
PSYC 321 Social Psychology
PSYC 343 Psychology of Women
NURS 109 Professional Role
NURS 431 Nursing Care of the Family (Maternity)
SOC 306 The Family
SOC 399 Gender Roles
SPAN 440 Women in Hispanic Literature
INTG 403 Women in Religion
INTG 418 Women’s Voices, Women’s Lives
INTG 420 Sexuality, the Individual, and Society

Other courses, including independent studies and topics courses, may be eligible if approved in advance. Students should contact the program coordinators for further details.

Course Description

This course gives students a background in the theory and history of women’s experiences. Focusing particularly on American developments, we will explore the different understandings of feminism during the first, second, and third waves. We will also explore the ways in which feminist critiques and theory allow us to arrive at different understandings of cultural, social, and historical processes and events (3 credits).


Founders Hall, A314