Leonard Nalencz, Ph.D.

Leonard Nalencz, Ph.D.

Leonard Nalencz

Assistant Professor of English
Ph.D., Yale University
A.B., Princeton University



Areas of Interest

  • Languages and Literature of the Americas
  • History and Literature of Global Practices of Incarceration
  • Lyric Poetry and the European Tradition


  • English 334 and 335: American Literature from the Origins to the 20th century
  • English 336: Major American Writers (Modern Lyric Poetry)
  • English 271: The Power of Language: Poetry, Seduction, and Witchcraft
  • English 421/ Sociology 470: Prison, Emancipation, and the Rhetoric of Liberty
  • English 450 (Senior Seminar): The Fiction of Toni Morrison
  • Honors 370: What Is Evidence?


Campus Committees

  • Fall 2022: Pre-Law Advisor