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Sarah L. Stevenson, PhD



Professor of English
PhD, New York University
MA, New York University
BA, Harvard University

Areas of Interest

  • Women dramatists
  • Contemporary drama
  • Core curriculum and First Year Experience programs


  • ENGL 110 Writing in Context I
  • ENGL 120 Writing in Context II
  • HNRS 202 Influence
  • ENGL 300 Creative Writing: Drama
  • ENGL 303 Shakespeare
  • ENGL 314 Drama
  • ENGL 328 Plays in Performance
  • INTG 391 Topics: Sex and Literature
  • ENGL 471 Women Dramatists

Professional Affiliations
American Theatre and Drama Society

“The Violence of the Visible: The Refusal of Representation in Lisa Kron’s 2.5 Minute Ride,” New England Theatre Journal. Fall, 2003

Contributor: Cassel Companion to 20th Century Theatre. Cassel, London, UK. Eleven entries, including “Resident Theatre (USA),” “Student Theatre (USA),” Naomi Wallace, Robert Israel, Martha Clarke, Andre Gregory, Judson Church, La Jolla Playhouse, 2001

“Yielding to Multiplicity: The Kaleidoscopic Subject of Paula Vogel’s How I Learned to Drive” Women Making Art: Women in the Visual, Literary and Performing Arts: 1960-2000. Peter Lang, 2000

“Passive Illustrations or Tools for Critical Thinking?  The Uses and Abuses of Freely Available Internet Resources,” ATHE Conference, Washington D.C., 2012

“The Object of Art: the Subject of Theatre:  Stage Pictures in 20th Century American Drama,” ATHE Conference, 2010

“Human Bodies! Live! Onstage! Tableaux Vivants as Difficult Dialogues Between Theatre and Visual Arts,” ATHE Conference, 2008

Destroying Art; (Re)Creating Relationships: Intersubjectivity as a Creative Force in Howe’s “Museum” and Reza’s “Art,” ATHE Conference, New Orleans, La., August 2007

“The Play within the Womb, the Womb within the Play: Imaginary Pregnancies in American Drama” (co-authored with Catherine Stevenson, practicing psychoanalyst), ATHE Conference, Chicago, Ill., 2006

“Theatre and the Museum: Staging Aesthetic Spectatorship,” NEMLA: Philadelphia, Pa., March 2004

“Smashed Sculpture and Slashed Canvas: Why Bad Things Happen to Good Art on Stage,” ATHE Conference: New York, N.Y., August 2003

“The Violence of the Visible: The Refusal of Representation in Lisa Kron’s 2.5 Minute Ride,” ATHE Conference: Chicago, Ill., August 2001

“A Girl’s Turn at the Mike: Audience Dynamics and the Tyranny of Gender in Ally Sheedy’s Performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” ATHE Conference: Washington, D.C., August 2000

“Vanishing in the Mirror: The Erasure of Self in Sam Shepard’s Buried Child and John Barth’s ‘Lost in the Funhouse,’” American Literature Association (ALA). Long Beach, Calif., May 2000

“The Writer’s Three Bodies: The Fragmented Female Author of Paula Vogel’s Hot ‘n Throbbing,” Modern Language Association (MLA). Chicago, Ill., December 1999

“Compromised Bodies/ Silent Voices: Confronting the Body in the Plays of Elizabeth Robins,” ATDS Graduate Debut Panel. ATHE Conference: Toronto, Canada, July 1999