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Minor in Computer Science

The Computer Science minor consists of 18 credits and is a hybrid program between Rize and the University of Mount Saint Vincent.

CSC I Internet History, Technology, and Security (3 credits)
CSC II or MATH 250 Programming for Everyone I or Google Applied Computing I (3 credits)
CSC III or MATH 251 Programming for Everyone II or Google Applied Computing II (3 credits)
CSC IV or COMM 405 Web Development Web Programming and Development (3 credits)
CSC V Application Development I (3 credits)
CSC VI Application Development II (3 credits)

Please note: The main sequence is CSC II/MATH 250, CSC III/MATH 251, CSC V, CSC VI; CSC I can be taken at any time during a student’s participation in the minor; CSV IV/COMM 405 could be taken any time after completion of CSC II but is recommended as concurrent with CSC VI.