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Brian Haney, PhD

Headshot of Assistant Professor of Biology Brian Haney, Ph.D., who poses in front of a red brick background

Assistant Professor of Biology
PhD, Arizona State University
BS, Trinity University

Areas of Interest

  • Urban insect ecology
  • Social insect ecology
  • Behavioral ecology
  • Evolution of cooperation
  • Social complexity
  • Climate change
  • NYC Pollinator Project


  • BIOL 112 General Biology Lecture II
  • BIOL 112 General Biology Laboratory II
  • BIOL 223 Ecology
  • BIOL 326 Animal Behavior
  • BIOL 310, 410 Research in Biology
  • BIOL 360/460 Independent Study in Biology
  • BIOL 404 Biological Colloquium

Professional Affiliations
Animal Behavior Society
International Union for the Study of Social Insects
Ecological Society of America
Sigma Xi

Haney, B. R., & Fewell, J. H. Ecological drivers and reproductive consequences of non‑kin cooperation by ant queens. Oecologia, 187(3), 643-655. (2018).

Haney, B.R. Ecological Drivers and Reproductive Consequences of Queen Cooperation in the California Harvester Ant Pogonomyrmex Californicus. Ph.D. Dissertation, Arizona State University (2017).

Cooper, K.M., Haney, B., Krieg, A., & Brownell, S. E. What’s in a Name? The Importance of Students Perceiving That an Instructor Knows Their Names in a High-Enrollment Biology Classroom. CBE-Life Sciences Education16(1), ar8. (2017).

Shaffer, Z., Sasaki, T., Haney, B., Janssen, J., Pratt, S.C., Fewell, J.H. The foundress’s dilemma: group selection for cooperation among queens of the harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex californicus. Scientific Reports, 6, 29828 (2016).

Pope, Denise S., Haney, B. “Interspecific signalling competition between two hood-building fiddler crab species, Uca latimanus and U. musica musica.” Animal Behaviour, 76.6. 2037-048. (2008)