Division of Natural Sciences

B.S. in Biology/D.P.T. in Physical Therapy (joint degree)

College of Mount Saint Vincent (B.S.) – New York Medical College (D.P.T.) Cooperative Program

The College has a cooperative 4/3 arrangement with New York Medical College, which enables College of Mount Saint Vincent students to earn their baccalaureate degree plus a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy after seven years of study.


Students interested in this program must make themselves known to the Health Professions Advisor in their Freshman year. If the student’s grades are excellent (overall 3.5 or above with no grade lower than a “B”, along with excellent grades in General Biology and/or General Chemistry), the Health Professions Adviser may then recommend the student for admission into the 4/3 Program (4 years at CMSV, 3 years at NY Medical College). The student must then maintain  an overall GPA of 3.5 or above with no grade lower than a “B” for the remainder of their time at CMSV. Grades for repeated courses cannot be deleted from the overall GPA and all prerequisite coursework must be completed at CMSV. All students must also submit a GRE score.