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Pamela Kerrigan, PhD

Pamela Kerrigan

Director for the Division of Natural Sciences
Professor of Chemistry
PhD, Arizona State University
MS, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
BA, Lakeland College

Areas of Interest

  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical education and demonstrations
  • Photodynamic therapy of cancer cells using porphyrins


  • NSCI 202 Chemistry for Our Daily Lives
  • CHEM 109 General, Organic, and Biochemistry
  • CHEM 120 General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 121 General Chemistry II
  • CHEM 219 Organic Chemistry Lecture I
  • CHEM 220 Organic Chemistry Lecture II
  • CHEM 433 Biochemistry I
  • CHEM 434 Biochemistry II
  • CHEM 460 Chemical Research

Professional Affiliations
Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity
American Chemical Society
Beta Beta Beta
Gamma Sigma Epsilon
Sigma Xi

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