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BA in Religious Studies

Degree Requirements

Undergraduate College Core Requirements   43 credits*
Religious Studies Major   30 credits
RELS 208  (3 credits)
Eight RELS Courses: 300/400 levels in consultation with Department Chair and Faculty Advisor  (24 credits)
RELS 470 Senior Seminar (Capstone)   (3 credits)
Open Electives 47 credits
TOTAL 120 credits

*Three core credits in the humanities and three credits in ethics/religion may be satisfied with the M=major requirements.

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Philosophy and Religious Studies

Students with an interest in philosophy and religious studies may also pursue both, within an interdisciplinary studies major. This requires 15 credits from philosophy and 15 credits from religious studies. Programs can be designed to focus on special interests, such as applied ethics. Contact the Department Chair for more information. All majors must attain a minimum of a C in all Philosophy and Religious Studies courses. No exceptions will be made.

Sample Program

BA in Religious Studies

Year 1

FYE 101 First Year Experience 1 credit
ENGL 110 Writing in Context I (Fall) 3 credits
ENGL 120 Writing in Context II (Spring) 3 credits
Freshman Seminar 3 credits
Modern Languages and Literatures Core 6 credits
Core Courses 6 credits
Religious Studies 208
(Intro to Religious Studies)
3 credits
Open Electives 6 credits
TOTAL 31 credits

Year 2

Core Courses 6 credits
PHIL 110 (Intro to Ethics) 3 credits
RELS XXX 3 credits
RELS XXX 3 credits
Open Electives 15 credits
TOTAL 30 credits

Year 3

Core Courses 9 credits
RELS XXX 3 credits
RELS XXX 3 credits
RELS XXX 3 credits
RELS XXX 3 credits
Open Electives 9 credits
TOTAL 30 credits

Year 4

RELS XXX 3 credits
RELS XXX 3 credits
RELS 470 Senior Seminar (Capstone) 3 credits
Open Electives 20 credits
TOTAL 29 credits

Total Credits for Graduation – 120