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Teacher Education

The Department of Teacher Education prepares educators who are passionate about their profession, who are committed to creating a caring and nurturing teaching environment for all students. Our students demonstrate commitment to the idea that every student has the right and ability to learn. They possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to foster the emotional, social, and academic development of each student they serve. This profession requires stamina, creativity, and the use of each individual’s unique strength to inspire, lead, and motivate their students. Teachers can almost always find work, even when just starting out. And the intangible rewards—the knowledge that one is making an enormous difference in the lives of countless children—are immeasurable.

The Department works to foster the academic and professional development of its students on their path to becoming competent, caring professionals. Through a combination of undergraduate and graduate coursework, the Department offers students the opportunity to develop their instructional competence and professional leadership skills in the pursuit of academic excellence in a values-centered, pluralistic environment of intellectual curiosity and free exchange of ideas.

Teacher Education students will be able to demonstrate subject matter knowledge and pedagogical knowledge, while displaying the ability to teach all students in an effective and caring manner. They will demonstrate positive values, ethical and reflective practice, and will be well equipped to seek opportunities for professional growth.

Undergraduate students pursue a tailored set of six courses that provide the foundational knowledge for Teacher Education and articulate into our Dual Certification Masters Degrees on both the Childhood and Adolescent levels.


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