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Teacher Certification

Please note: the information below pertains to Undergraduate Initial Certification, for continuing students only. For entering students, the College now offers Professional Certification through our Graduate programs. Please see the Graduate Teacher Certification page.


Eligibility and Academic Requirements
Students should apply to the chairperson of the department in spring semester of their freshman year. Those who wish to begin preliminary coursework in the Teacher Education program in sophomore year must have attained a 2.75 cumulative index prior to the start of coursework. Those students whose GPA falls between 2.5 and 2.74 may request permission to complete education coursework. However, they must create a plan of action outlining how they will attain the required GPA by the end of the second semester of education coursework. These students will be granted conditional acceptance. Permission to complete coursework does not guarantee formal acceptance into the education program. 

Field Experience
The College continues an ongoing professional relationship with schools within the District 10 area in the Bronx. Field experiences are also provided in nearby Yonkers, Hastings and in non-public school settings. Through these collaborations, students are afforded realistic teaching experiences and opportunities to be assessed in knowledge, skills, and professionalism within the actual classroom setting. Students must attain a satisfactory level of performance on all required outcomes. The Teacher Education Department makes all practicum and student teaching assignments.

The first and second semesters of coursework are described as preliminary to admission for all students. During this time students demonstrate articulation of career goals, good health, emotional stability, a professional attitude, competency in oral and written communication and a steadily increasing index, if needed. Any student whose written communication is deemed unsatisfactory will be required to attend tutoring sessions in the Academic Resource Center.

Student Teaching
Only students who have completed the stated prerequisites and who are approved by the Department will be registered for student teaching. Students enrolled in a dual certification program must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to be eligible to complete both of the required student teaching experiences.

Accreditation and Accountability

The Teacher Education programs are accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC), an authority recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Graduation Rate 

Graduation Rate for Undergraduate 2016 Cohort 

Number of program
Number of years to
complete the
education program
Number of
years to complete
the B.A.
6 3 4
2 3 4.5

Graduation Rate for B.A./M.S. Five-Year Program 2016 Cohort 

Number of program
Number of years to
complete the undergraduate
and graduate education programs
Number of years
to complete the B.A./M.S.
8 4 5

Employment Rate 

Number of program
completers B.A. Cohort
Number of completers
employed in schools
Number of completers
pursuing graduate degree
Number of completers
for whom status is unknown
8 4 3 1
Number of program
completers B.A./M.S. Cohort
Number of completers
employed in schools
Number of completers
pursuing graduate degree
Number of completers
for whom status is unknown
8 7 0 1
Grade Point Averages
for 2014 Cohort
Grade Point Averages
for 2015 Cohort
Grade Point Averages
for 2016 Cohort
B.A. Undergraduate GPA: 3.15 B.A. Undergraduate GPA: 3.2 B.A. Undergraduate GPA: 3.3
B.A./M.S. Undergraduate GPA: 3.4 B.A./M.S. Undergraduate GPA: 3.85 B.A./M.S. Undergraduate GPA: 3.3
Graduate GPA: 3.88 Graduate GPA: 3.88 Graduate GPA: 3.8
 Results of edTPA (this is a summative, performance-based assessment required for certification in New York State)
Performance of Those Completing the Exam in Academic Year 2016
Number taking: 16
Number achieving passing score 14/16 or 87%
Number achieving mastery level  7/16 or 43%
Performance of Those Completing the Exam in Academic Year 2014-2015
Number taking: 17
Number achieving passing score 15/17 or 88%
Number achieving mastery level  8/17 or 48%
Title II Summative Rate for 2016 Program Completers
87% Pass rate for New York State Certification Exams
Master of Science in TESOL 2016 Cohort
New York State Certification Exam in ESOL pass rate 100%

Certification and Employment

Students who satisfactorily complete the B.A. in Education (four-year program) are eligible for College recommendation for New York State Initial Certification. This certification enables students to qualify for teaching positions in New York State.

Students who satisfactorily complete the Education B.A./M.S. (five-year program) are eligible for College recommendation for New York State Initial Certification. In addition, they fulfill academic coursework requirements for New York State Professional Certification.

Students who complete the four and five-year programs are also eligible for certification in other states according to the reciprocity agreements and requirements of the state.

Professional Decorum
Students who wish to receive College endorsement for New York State Certification must demonstrate competence in academic coursework, teaching skills, and professional practice. Professional decorum includes consistent adherence to coursework and fieldwork guidelines, demonstrated responsibility for one’s personal and professional development and receptivity to guidance offered by mentors and advisors.

In order for a student to be recommended for initial certification, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Completion of all course work with a cumulative index of 3.0 or better;
  2. A grade of “B-” or better in all Education coursework;
  3. Completion of the New York State Education Department approved program of teacher preparation in the certification area;
  4. Successful completion and submission of electronic portfolio (edTPA) as part of the general education student teaching;
  5. Completion of all New York State Department of Education mandated workshops.

Note: Candidates for the New York State certification are responsible for meeting requirements for the certification area they seek. Any changes in NYS requirements take precedence over those on this webpage.

New York State Examinations
In addition to College endorsement, students seeking initial certification in New York State must attain a passing score on the following exams: Educating All Students Test and Content Specialty Test (s) aligned to area of certification(s). Successful completion and submission of EdTPA, Teacher Performance Assessment, is also required for certification and completion of student teaching. Students must adhere to the schedule of exam completion provided by the department in order to progress in the program.

Interstate Certification
While New York State is a member of the Interstate Certification Project, which recognizes comparable initial academic program requirements among member states, students are responsible to consult out-of-state or local boards of education to ascertain their specific requirements. The Department will assist in the planning which should be initiated in sophomore year.