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Minor in Law


The law minor represents an interdisciplinary initiative and requires 18 course credits, including one three-credit internship, ENGL 296, PHIL 241, and three additional courses from the disciplines listed below (at least one of which must be from either sociology or history), selected in consultation with the program advisor:


*ENGL 296 Language and the Individual in Society (required) + any 300- or 400-level class excluding the Creative Writing Classes (ENGL 300, 301, 302, 304, 325, 400)


  • HIST 323 A More Perfect Union: The US Constitution in Historical Perspective
  • HIST 324 Equal Justice Before Law: The US Supreme Court
  • HIST 418 Britain: Foundations of Constitutional Rule


  • PHIL 241 Logic (required)
  • PHIL 314 Ethical Theory
  • PHIL 315 Business Ethics
  • PHIL 320 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 369 Philosophy and Social Responsibility


  • SOC 364 Criminal Law and Society
  • SOC 470 Prison, Emancipation, and the Rhetoric of Liberty
  • SOC 315 American Legal System
  • SOC 370 Advanced Public Policy

As is the case for our other interdisciplinary minors, up to six credits of this minor may be applied to a student’s major coursework.

Please contact Dr. Lawler, Program Advisor, for more information.