Division of Communication, Art, and Media

Communication, Art, and Media

The Division of Communication, Art, and Media provides a robust theoretical understanding of the principles and practices of various fields, including Art History, Communication, Studio Art, and Visual Arts and Experimental Media. There is no better place to study communication, art, and media than New York City. All majors in the Division integrate exceptional academics with first-hand experience in and outside the classroom, studying with professionals in the field and engaging with the College’s strong network of industry leaders.

The Division offers an array of dynamic courses that facilitates students in their ability to think critically and creatively, integrate theory and practice, develop a strong work ethic, gain professional expertise and confidence, and encourage the practice of treating self, others, and society with dignity and respect. Whether you are interested in television, film, journalism, sports media, public relations, social media, graphic design, studio art, printmaking, dance, music, or photography, the majors and course offerings in the Division of Communication, Art, and Media will prepare you for a successful career in an industry that continues to evolve and grow.

Communication is a social process that creates individual and communal human identities, relationships, and institutions. Communication students advance their understanding of theoretical, critical, and historical approaches, and demonstrate the ability to think analytically about issues in media studies and human communication. They improve their speaking and writing skills through their ability to research, organize, and deliver effective presentations, as well as writing articles and papers in a variety of styles. Students gain experience in understanding symbolism, aesthetics, and composition of visual communication, and receive preparation that enhances their ability to seek and secure careers in the communication industry.

Fine Art students work one-on-one with professional artists and art history professors, learning valuable skills that enhance their ability to solve problems visually, conduct research, develop a creative process, and hone a professional work ethic. Class sizes are limited to ensure student collaboration, exceptional faculty support, and access to innovative materials and techniques. Art majors can choose from a wide range of courses from painting and sculpture to printmaking and ceramics, which lead students to careers in graphic design, art education, publishing, advertising, film production, art criticism, art therapy, conservation, and exhibition design. To support student growth, the Division maintains light-filled art, ceramic, sculpture, and printmaking studios that are open to all students.

Visual Arts and Experimental Media comprises a range of cutting-edge, experimental courses in visual arts, electronic art, media, photography, video art, and sound art. The program integrates traditional media, processes and methodologies from the arts, communication, networked media, and computer media. Our campus is home to state-of-the-art digital media labs, visual art studios, a post-production lab, and brand-new television and radio studios, allowing students and faculty to work independently and collaboratively to create radio shows, films, videos, podcasts, and interactive media projects. Off campus, students have thousands of internship and networking opportunities throughout New York City with arts organizations, foundations, design agencies, and media houses.

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