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Public Relations

This specialization closely examines public relations from a communicative perspective to implement principles, strategies and best practices in creating effective promotional messages, publicity, campaign materials, event designs and other implementations.

Complete five courses selected from this list:

COMM 290 Communication in Digital World (3 credits)
COMM 309 Image Design with Photoshop (3 credits)
COMM 343 Introduction to Advertising (3 credits)
COMM 344 Introduction to Public Relations (3 credits)
COMM 345 Strategic/Promotional Writing (3 credits)
COMM 355 Organizational Communication (3 credits)
COMM 356 Small Group Communication (3 credits)
COMM 403 Interactive Design (3 credits)
COMM 413 Public Relations Project Management (3 credits)
COMM 418 Creative Advertising Strategies (3 credits)