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Sports Media

This specialization allows students to master the writing, producing and on-camera studio aspects of the professional sports industry for a variety of media platforms, including television and the Internet.

Complete five courses selected from this list:

COMM 301 Video Field Production (3 credits)
COMM 302 Video Post Production and Editing (3 credits)
COMM 311 Print and Online News Writing (3 credits)
COMM 312 Radio and TV News Writing (3 credits)
COMM 313 Sports Writing (3 credits)
COMM 332 Media Programming and Management (3 credits)
COMM 342 Speech for Radio and TV (3 credits)
COMM 370 Topics in Sports Broadcasting (3 credits)

Choose one course from this list:

BUSN 210 Introduction to Sports Management (3 credits)
BUSN 310 Sports and Society (3 credits)