Division of Communication, Art, and Media

Thomas Ray Willis, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of Studio Art (Painting and Electronic Art)
M.F.A. New York University
B.A. University of Nevada at Las Vegas


Areas of Interest

  • Painting and drawing
  • Design
  • Electronic art
  • 3D design
  • Art critical practices
  • Graphic arts
  • Animation
  • Studio photography


  • ART 115 Drawing I
  • ART 117 Foundations of Design
  • ART 222 Graphic Arts
  • ART 305 Painting I
  • ART 306 Painting II
  • ART 312 3D Design
  • ART 317 Advertising Design
  • ART 327 Directed Open Studio
  • ART 345 Sculpture
  • ART 427 Topics in Studio Art
  • ART 430 Art as Social Intervention
  • COMM 402 Animation

Exhibitions and Performances
2019 Pond (Curated by Constanza Valenzuela and Emilee Graverson). Barney Commons. New York, NY

2018 Thoughts and Prayer Casino (Exhibition). 80wse Gallery. New York, NY

2018 Retrofit Painting: deCordova Store (Installation). deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum. Lincoln, MA

2017 Media Arts Festival Arad 4 (Curated by Ileana Selejan). Cinema ARTA. Arad, Romania

2017 Everything Must Go (Exhibition). Dorchester Art Project. Boston, MA

2016 Works Well With Others (Curated by Ian Alden Russell). David Winton Bell Gallery. Providence, RI

2016 Retrofit Painting Presents… (Installation). Jewett Art Gallery at Wellesley College. Wellesley, MA

2016 Adventure Department (SkoheganPERFORMS) . Socrates Sculpture Park. Queens, NY

2015 Retrofit Painting of Las Vegas (Installation) . P3Studio @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Las Vegas, NV

2015 Inaugural Exhibition (Curated by John Robert Roy). How’s Howard. Boston, MA

2015 Between You and Me. Dorchester Art Project. Boston, MA

2014 deCordova Biennial HDH (John C Gonzalez selection) . deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum. Lincoln, MA

Boston Contemporary Art Museum (Curated by Pat Falco). Boston Arts Festival/Mobius. Boston, MA

Perceptual Ballads (Curated by Marc Dombrosky). Southwestern Michigan College Gallery. Dowagiac, MI

Flash of an Instant (Curated by Sarah Pollman and Caitlin Moore). New Art Center. Newton, MI

2013 Boston Does Boston Six (Kara Braciale selection). Proof Gallery. Boston, MA

2012 Meta (Curated by Camilo Alvarez). Gallery 263. Cambridge, MA

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