Minor in Dance

Minor in Dance

The dance minor is an 18-credit program designed to provide students with a strong foundation in dance techniques, history, composition, performance, and production. The program has 10 required core credits and 8 required elective credits. The program curriculum aligns with the dance curricula offered by other higher education institutions in the U.S.

Faculty from the Division of Communication, Art, and Media will serve as instructors for all the dance and dance related courses. The course offerings within the dance minor are intended to provide students a broad-based education and career opportunities within the field of dance.

The course offerings within the minor are intended to provide students with a broad-based education and career opportunities within the field of dance. Courses include Contemporary Modern, Dance Performance/Production, Jazz, Pop Dance, and a Dance Internship.

In addition to on-campus performance opportunities, students will also be able to explore career opportunities in complementary fields such as arts management, production, dance/art/physical education, and dance/physical therapy by combining knowledge and skills gained from their respective majors and the Minor in Dance.

Dance Minor Learning Outcomes

  • Develop, apply, analyze, and evaluate movement/technical skills required for proficiency in various dance forms.
  • Understand dance productions in terms of choreography, performance, design, and technical elements.
  • Learn the historical development of dance.
  • Evaluate personal performance through self-assessment and faculty feedback.
  • Learn the compositional process and elements of creative dance making.
  • Work and learn independently and collaboratively.
  • Strategically and confidently seek out career opportunities in their desired field.

Requirements for the Minor in Dance

All students are required to take 18 credits to complete the minor in dance, which will consist of at least seven courses as shown below:

Required Courses
ART 250 Dance Forms (3 credits)
ART 265 Contemporary Modern Dance I (3 credits)
ART 266 Contemporary Modern Dance II (3 credits)
ART 267 Dance Performance/Production (3 credits)
Select 2 credits of
the following courses:
THTR 100 Acting I (3 credits)
ART 109 Jazz I (3 credits)
ART 211 Music (3 credits)
ART 260 Pop Dance (3 credits)
ART 436 Ballet I (3 credits)