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Minor in Studio Art

The studio art minor is integrated into the University’s liberal arts curriculum. The minor introduces undergraduate students to the practice of making art in foundational courses and upper-division media specific offerings. Students are required to take credits of art courses, as described below.

Requirements for the Minor in Studio Art

Required Courses:
ART 112, 113, or 114 (select 1)
ART 115 Drawing 1
ART 117 Foundations of Design I: Form and Abstraction
Select 3 of the following:    
ART 116 Drawing II
ART 118 Foundations of Design II: Color and Composition
ART 127 Watercolor Painting
ART 203 Photography: Ambient Daylight
ART 205 Photography
ART 215 Fieldwork Abroad
ART 222 Graphic Arts
ART 243 Life Drawing I
ART 305 Painting I
ART 306 Painting II
ART 311 -Ceramics I
ART 312 3D Design
ART 316 Ceramics II
ART 317 Advertising Design
ART 345 Sculpture
ART 349 Relief Printmaking
ART 350 Monotype Printmaking
ART 427 Topics in Studio Art
ART 428 – Independent Fine Arts Study
ART 475 – Internship