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Standardized Tests FAQs

At Mount Saint Vincent, you are more than just a number, and we are committed to every individual student’s success.

Your application is considered complete and can be reviewed based on your high school (GPA) scores and recommendation letters. Our Admissions team will review your application holistically, considering high school transcript, recommendation letters from teachers and counselors, and your overall record of achievement!

High school students applying for standard admission to Mount Saint Vincent for Spring 2021 or later are not required to submit SAT or ACT test scores within their applications for admission to the College.

How can I be considered for scholarships?
Every student applying to Mount Saint Vincent is considered for merit scholarships when they submit a complete application—with or without standardized test scores.

What if I choose to submit SAT/ACT scores, will my application be considered stronger?
Not necessarily. We recommend submitting standardized test scores only if you believe they will highlight your academic achievements and potential and will support your candidacy for admission.

Please note: Admission to our Nursing program is highly competitive. If you believe your SAT, ACT, or other tests will enhance your academic profile, you are welcome to submit them.