Degree Requirements

The Master of Science, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) degree requires the completion of 30 credits (for students who already hold a teaching certificate) or 36 credits (for students who do not hold a teaching certificate). Students in the latter group will take one additional literacy course and one course in educating students with special needs.

Pedagogical Core Courses 18 credits 
     EDUC 504 Cross-Cultural Communication
     EDUC 506 Language, Cognitive Development, and Cultural Diversity
     EDUC 507 Linguistic Analysis
     EDUC 508 Structure of American English
     EDUC 722 Teaching English as a Second Language I
     EDUC 725 Teaching Across the Content Areas: Methods of TESOL, Grades Pre-K-12
Pedagogical Knowledge Courses 6 credits
     EDUC 605 Curriculum and Materials in TESOL
     EDUC 726 Assessment in English as a Second Language
Field Experience 6 credits
     EDUC 750 Supervised Practicum in TESOL: Pre-K-6
     EDUC 751 Supervised Practicum in TESOL: 7-12
Additional Courses 6 credits
     EDUC 536 Teaching Literacy in the Inclusive Elementary Classroom
     EDUC 712 Strategies for Inclusion of Special Learners
Comprehensive Examination
A pass/fail written examination is the terminal experience for this graduate program. Students will attend a review session to prepare for the examination which reflects the content of the curriculum throughout this course of study.

All courses in the education program are evaluated with letter grades. The pass/fail distinction is use only with the final comprehensive exam. Students are expected to maintain a minimum index of B (3.0).

Exit Requirements
The Master of Science in TESOL is a 30 or 36 credit curriculum consisting of both professional and skills-based clinically-oriented courses. Students will be required to complete two supervised student teaching experiences. Information about requirements for these clinical experiences will be provided by the program coordinator during orientation. A comprehensive examination is the culminating assessment for this course of study.

New Workshop Requirement
The New York State Department of Education requires all applicants for Certification to complete six clock hours of coursework or training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention (Article 2, Sections 10-18 of the NYS Education Law).