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Residency Requirement

Students are expected to fulfill core and major requirements at the University of Mount Saint Vincent, with the exception of credits granted at the time of matriculation or through special programs. A maximum of four courses taken at another accredited institution may be used to satisfy degree requirements after a student has enrolled in the University of Mount Saint Vincent. A maximum of two of these courses may be taken outside the University of Mount Saint Vincent to satisfy core requirements.

The final twelve credits of the degree must be taken at the University of Mount Saint Vincent.

These are subject to departmental approval, certifying equivalence by the department chair to a core or major requirement offered in the Undergraduate College, and the grade received in that course is a “C” or better. The fee for courses taken at other institutions is $50 per course. Grades earned at other institutions will not become part of the student’s cumulative index.

Nursing courses may not be repeated at another institution. As a rule, approval will only be granted for a student to satisfy a major requirement at another institution if the course is not readily available during the fall, spring or summer sessions and if the course is taken at a baccalaureate granting institution.