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II. Scholarship

Continuous professional development in the scholarship of teaching, discovery, integration and/or application, and evidence that the applicant will continue to grow professionally, as shown through:

  1. Participation in workshops and organizations devoted to pedagogy;
  2. Involvement in pedagogical research;
  3. Development of discipline-related materials such a video tapes, films, computer software, multi-media presentations, and other forms of information technology;
  4. Membership in professional societies; attendance at professional association certification courses (or equivalents);
  5. Attendance at discipline related conferences;
  6. Elected office in professional societies;
  7. Peer-reviewed publications in journals or on-line publications, or in the public arena (art, music, literature);
  8. Direction of or participation in research projects;
  9. Creative work in the discipline and grant writing for individual scholarly projects.

Approved May 15, 2014