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I. Teaching

Evidence of achieved distinction and commitment to sustained growth as a college teacher, shown through:

  1. Successful performance in teaching assignments;
  2. Commitment to meeting the needs of his or her students;
  3. Ability to motivate students, organize and communicate complex material;
  4. Willingness to experiment, evaluate and adapt various teaching methods as needed in the classroom;
  5. Leadership in developing new areas of expertise to be used in new courses or revision of existing ones;
  6. Evaluations across a range of upper and lower divisions courses by department chairs, faculty colleagues, and students;
  7. Recent syllabi and other instructional handouts demonstrating effective course structure, communication and classroom management skills;
  8. Tests or other evaluation instruments, together with grade distribution records, indicating fairness in setting standards for and evaluating student achievement.

Approved May 15, 2014