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Course Release for Development of External Grant Proposal


All proposals should be submitted to the Office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty. Proposals will be forwarded to the Faculty Development Committee. Applicants are expected to review the Faculty Handbook for the specific purpose of these grants and criteria for consideration.


  1. Summary
    Please provide a one-paragraph abstract of the proposed project(s) for which funding is sought; also state the semester for which the course forgiveness is requested and the resulting course load.
  2. Rationale (25 points)
    Explain the significance of and the specific objectives of the project(s) for which funding is sought. Include relevant references that support the rationale for the project(s).
  3. Process and Timetable (25 points)
    Describe the activities during the semester of the course forgiveness needed to develop the Grant Proposal. Provide a timetable for completion of the Grant Proposal, including deadlines where appropriate.
  4. Funding (25 points)
    Identify the projected proposal amount and the funding source.
  5. Benefit (25 points)
    Describe the mutual benefit of the proposed funding to the faculty member’s scholarly
    development and the College.


  1. CV
  2. Letters of support from the Department Chair or Director of Division; the Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations; and the Provost/Dean of Faculty

On occasion, the Faculty Development Committee may request further details or clarification. All applicants should be prepared to provide additional information should the need arise.

Approved May 3, 2016