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11.2 Department Evaluations

In compliance with the New York State Education Department Commissioner’s Regulation (52.2. (b) (6)), faculty evaluations are conducted at least once a year by the Department Chair. All first year faculty are to have teaching evaluations completed by the Chair in both Fall and Spring semesters. The Chair’s reports become part of the faculty member’s file and serve as a basis for faculty growth, performance appraisal interviews, and promotion and tenure recommendations.

If faculty are regularly reviewed by the Excellence in Teaching Committee, and if they voluntarily give to the Department Chair and to the Provost/Dean of Faculty copies of peer observations and student evaluations, a second system of evaluation need not occur.

Instructors of Practice are reviewed each year by their Department or Division Chair during their first three years of service. During their fourth year, and every three years thereafter, Instructors of Practice are viewed by a committee comprised of five Department or Division Tenured Faculty including the Chair. Procedures will follow those of Mid-Tenure review in Section 5.3 Instructors of Practice for evaluated on the criteria in Section 5.4 in regard to proficiency in teaching, verification that the applicant has assumed department responsibilities, and dedication to the mission, values, and goals of the University of Mount Saint Vincent. This is a teaching and service appointment. Instructors of Practice will not be eligible for Tenure.

11.2.1 Course Evaluations
All faculty are expected to administer one College evaluation form per semester, in one class.

11.2.2 Peer Observation
Every untenured faculty member must be observed each semester by the Department Chair or a peer from the department. After consultation, a written review by the peer is given to the faculty member. Tenured faculty are urged to have periodic peer evaluations for self-development.

11.2.3 Policy for Distribution of Course Evaluations
All faculty are required to distribute course evaluation forms in the months of December and May. These forms are available in the Office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty. The process is the following:

  • A student in the class should be assigned to collect the evaluations and return them to the Department Chair’s office, or in the case of the Chair, to the Office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty.
  • One set of tallies should be forwarded to the Office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty for insertion in the faculty member’s file.
  • The review of the course evaluation by the immediate supervisor provides material for a performance appraisal interview to evaluate and encourage good teaching.

Please keep in mind that course evaluations assist professional and self-development. Some student comments may be considered immature or irrelevant. Nevertheless, in total, they represent the students’ perceptions of the teaching/learning process as it took place in that particular course.

Approved May 14, 2013