3.1 Search Procedures

If a full-time vacancy occurs or a new position is requested, the Department Chair (or Librarian) must consult with the Provost/Dean of Faculty to demonstrate need for the position. The Department Chair will prepare a position description and show justification for the position. The justification must include department enrollment trends, department history in use of overloads/adjunct faculty and specific curricular needs. Justification of library positions must include the goals and services of the Elizabeth Ann Seton Library, programs and degrees offered by the College, institutional enrollment, and library use trends.

The Provost/Dean of Faculty then consults with the President for position approval. The Provost/Dean of Faculty will notify the Department Chair once approval for the position has been obtained.

The Department Chair will prepare a position description and submit it to the Provost/Dean of Faculty for approval. The Department Chair will also convene a department Search Committee. The Department Chair may opt to include faculty members from other departments on the Search Committee.

Approved May 9, 2009