Security Procedures

Procedure for Reporting Crimes

In the event that they are the subject of or witness to a criminal incident on campus or in the immediate area of the College, members of the College Community are encouraged to report the crime immediately to the Security staff of the College or to the municipal police agencies that are responsible for our area. Crimes can be reported on a voluntary and confidential basis. This can be accomplished by calling one of the phone numbers listed below or by calling 911 directly.  The Security Department obtains from the relevant police department a complete and accurate account of the crime and provides that information to the administration as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the incident, the administration may hold meetings to clarify the report to the College community.

In the event of a serious violent felony on the campus, the 50th Precinct will be notified as soon as practical, but no later than 24 hours after the incident. A timely warning sent via the “Send Word Now” notification system will be issued by the Director of Campus Safety and Security or designee to apprise members of the College Community of an emergency or dangerous situation that could affect the safety of the Community. The “Send Word Now” notification system will notify all registered users by telephone, text message, and/or E-mail of the pertinent information. Advisory notices will be disseminated via the College email system and posted on digital signage on campus, when appropriate, to convey accurate accounts of incidents and relevant preventive measures that can be taken by the community. When appropriate, meetings with the Director of Campus Safety and Security, administrators, staff and students provide up-to-date information on the direction and scope of the police investigations.

Any criminal activity on campus can also be reported to the following:

  • 263rd Street Security Booth (718) 405-3434 and (718) 548-2116
  • Director of Campus Safety and Security at (718) 405-3722
  • Dean of Students at (718) 405-3253
  • Assistant Dean of Students at (718) 405-3225

Security Emergency Call Boxes
Three 24-hour Emergency Call Boxes can be used to contact Security personnel stationed at the 263rd Street Security Booth. The Call Boxes are at the following locations on campus. A blue light and sign are above each box to assist in locating them after dark.

The call boxes can be found at the following locations on campus:

  • Call Box #1 – Villa Lot (West Side)
  • Call Box #2 – Rear of Science Hall
  • Call Box #3 – 261st St. Entrance to Marillac Lot

There are also Red colored Emergency Call Phones located at the lobby of Founders Hall, the entrances of Marillac Hall, Spellman Hall, Alumnae/Mastronardi Halls, Seton Hall, and the Peter Jay Sharp Recreation Center.

To use, open the box lid and push the CALL button (with the exception of the call phone at Founders, that you have to dial extension 3434). The phone will be answered by the Officer at the Security Booth. State your location and the problem, and the Security Supervisor will be directed to respond at once to your location.

From 12 a.m. to 7 a.m., seven days a week, Security personnel equipped with a portable radio system are assigned to the main lobbies of all residence halls. Security Officers on motor and/or foot patrol also respond to any report of criminal activity. If requested, escorts of students are provided by Security Officers to assure their safety.

Missing Student Notification Procedure

Every student has the option of registering a confidential contact person. If a student who is missing has such a person listed, this person will be contacted within 24 hours to ascertain if they can provide information regarding the location of the missing student. The confidential contact information will be maintained by the College and made available to campus Security and law enforcement personnel to assist in the investigation. Law enforcement will be notified within 24 hours that a student is reported missing.   The parent or guardian of a student less than 18 years of age and not emancipated will also be notified within 24 hours that a student is reported to be missing.

When a student is missing from a residence hall, it will be reported immediately to Campus Security directly or through the Office of the Dean of Students or any other campus authority. After a preliminary investigation, if the student is not located, the 50th Precinct will be notified as soon as practical, but no later than 24 hours after the initial report. The 50th Precinct will respond to conduct an investigation into the whereabouts of the student. Campus authorities will cooperate and assist in the investigation.

Access Policy

During business hours, the College (excluding housing facilities) will be open to students, parents/guardians, employees, contractors, guests and invitees. During non-business hours, access to the campus grounds by members of the local community is permitted as long as they do not pose a threat to the security requirements of our College and as long as their behavior is in keeping with the academic environment. Guests and invitees are permitted on campus to attend College functions. Individuals entering campus buildings must have a valid reason for their presence, such as conducting College business, neighborhood residents using the College library, or visiting residents during established visitation periods.

The College has one vehicular and pedestrian entrance at West 263rd Street, which is manned by Security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The perimeter of the property is fenced and a gate at West 261st Street can be opened to allow entrance and egress to emergency vehicles.

When open, all residence hall entrances are staffed from 8 p.m. until 7 a.m. by personnel directed by the Office of Housing and Residence Life or the Office of Campus Safety and Security. Every other ingress is locked and alarmed.  After 8 p.m., visitors must be signed into any residence hall by the resident host.  All visitors must present valid photo identification, such as a driver’s license or college identification card in order to enter.  A record of all visitors is maintained at the front desk of each residence hall. Those found in the residence halls not properly registered at the front desk are required to leave immediately.

The Office of Campus Safety and Security staff prepares when needed, maintenance reports to the Facilities Department to correct hazards such as poor lighting, faulty locks, broken windows, and other conditions that may have an impact on campus safety and security. Security Officers also prepare periodic reports to notify the administration of physical hazards, such as overgrown shrubbery, insufficient lighting or needed improvements in the perimeter fencing.

Enforcement Policy

The enforcement power of the Security staff is essentially the same as that of a private citizen, in that they do not have peace officer status. Since they do not have full authority to make an arrest, the cooperation received from the three municipal police agencies in our area: The New York Police Department, the Yonkers Police Department, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police, have helped immeasurably in our effort to provide the College with an effective security system. Frequent conferrals are conducted between the Director of Campus Safety and Security and the Commanding Officers of the NYPD 50th Precinct in Riverdale and the Yonkers Police Department’s 3rd Precinct regarding any safety or security concerns. The College of Mount Saint Vincent has a written Memorandum of Understanding with the New York City Police Department.

These police agencies are encouraged by the College to maintain an unobtrusive presence on our campus. They consistently respond to our needs by providing a professional supportive role in our campus Security operation.

Students and employees are instructed to notify the Office of Campus Safety and Security or the New York City Police Department immediately if they are the victim of a criminal incident on campus or in the area surrounding the College. They are advised to notify Security when police have been called to campus, so that Security personnel can expedite the response of the police and assist in the investigation of the crime. The Security staff is responsible for obtaining an accurate account of the incident, preparing the initial report, and notifying the Director of Campus Safety and Security who prepares the detailed crime report for the College administration.

Crime Prevention Efforts

The Orientation program provides incoming students and their parents/guardians an opportunity to speak with and ask the Director of Campus Safety and Security any security related questions or concerns. The Security Staff and the Residence Life staff participate in joint training sessions, which include discussions of the importance of prompt reporting of criminal activity and preventive measures to improve the safety and security of our campus. The College’s Committee on Campus and Student Life also meets to address security issues.

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