12.2 Departments

The academic disciplines of the College are organized into departments and Divisions with a Department/Division Chair as supervisor. An exception to this is the Department of Nursing, which is supervised by a Director of Nursing (see Section 12.2.1). Faculty members are immediately responsible to the Department Chair. Chairs are responsible to the Provost/Dean of Faculty.

12.2.1 Department of Nursing
The Department of Nursing is supervised by a Director of Nursing, recommended by the members of the Department, or by a formal search, for a period of five years. When his/her term has expired, the Director of Nursing may be reappointed for one more term after undergoing an evaluation process designed and implemented by the faculty of the Department of Nursing.

The Director of Nursing assumes the same responsibilities as the other Department Chairs (see Section 12.3.4).

Approved May 9, 2009