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10.12 Non-Teaching Responsibilities

10.12.1 Academic Advisement
The College has a comprehensive student advisement program. The Director of Academic Advisement or chair of a major department assigns students to an advisor. Faculty are expected to arrange for an academic interview with each advisee, supervise these students, and sign the student’s registration form. Faculty are expected to cooperate with the Director of Academic Advisement, and to impart accurate information to students about departmental and Core Curriculum requirements, and supervise the advisee’s completion of these requirements. Faculty should help solve any scheduling problems advisees may have. A good working relationship with advisees, based on mutual respect, trust, and availability, is essential for success in advisement. For this reason, advisors should schedule meetings with advisees at other times, in addition to the required registration week appointment.

10.12.2 Office Hours
Every full-time member of the faculty is expected to maintain a minimum schedule of four office hours a week in order to be available for consultation with students, advisees and other members of the College community. This schedule should be on file in the respective Offices of the Associate Dean for Academic Advisement, the Department Chair, and the Provost/Dean of Faculty.

Approved August 15, 2018