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CMSV 301 Academic Performance Committee

Policy Name: Academic Performance Committee

The Academic Performance Committee (APC) is composed of program faculty representatives and is chaired by the director of didactic medical education or his/her representative. The APC is empowered to apply the regulations set forth in the policies and procedures, as well as student handbooks, and to uphold the academic standards of the program. The APC has the right to determine a student’s status in the program based upon their academic and clinical performance throughout the program. At the end of each semester, or as needed, the APC will be convened to review the academic status and record of students to determine academic standing.

Decisions regarding unacceptable academic or clinical performance are made by the APC. Determinations such as academic probation, deceleration, progression, dismissal, or other alternatives as may be deemed appropriate, are made by the APC.

Final decisions on progression through and/or dismissal from the Master of Science Physician Assistant Program are made by the APC, based on a review of the student’s total academic performance in the program to date.

All proceedings of the APC are privileged and electronic recording equipment will not be allowed. The final determination as to the student’s status will be issued in a report from the APC to the program director. The final decision of the APC will be conveyed to the student in writing by the program director or his/her designee, within seven days of the meeting.

If the student wishes to have an advisor present at the APC, he/she may do so provided the advisor is not an attorney or a fellow student. It is recommended, however not required, for the student to attend the APC meeting.

Please be aware that information regarding infractions are frequently requested by licensing and credentialing boards after graduation.

Appealing a Decision by the APC
The student may appeal the decision of the APC to the program director, in writing, within seven days after receiving the APC decision.

Students who are appealing dismissal, grades, or failed course within the didactic semester are permitted to continue in the didactic phase of the program during the appropriate semester in question pending the appeal outcome. At no time may a student progress to a subsequent semester until all previous semester coursework has been successfully completed with a passing grade (either a C- or “P”). All GPA requirements remain in effect and will be enforced in accordance with program guidelines.

Please note: Students who are appealing dismissal, grades, or failed courses and are currently in their clinical rotations, will not be allowed to continue with their rotations pending the outcome of the appeals process.

Appeals will be granted only if there is reason to believe that the student may have been treated unfairly, the decision was unwarranted, or there were extending circumstances that were not given adequate consideration.

Appealing a Decision by the Program Director
An appeal of a decision by the program director must follow the guidelines stipulated within the University of Mount Saint Vincent Student Handbook.

In response to a student’s inappropriate professional behavior or ethical violation, the Professional Conduct Review Committee will be convened to consider appropriate action. See CMSV 300 for more details.