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CMSV 315 Grade Appeal Policy and Protocol

Policy Name: Grade Appeal Policy and Protocol

Grade Appeal General Considerations
All academic grade appeal grievances, including dissatisfaction with a grade, must be addressed first to the faculty member, then to either the academic or clinical coordinator.

  • The decision of the academic or clinical coordinator may be further appealed to the program director.

Appealing an Adverse Decision by the Program Director
When all other means of resolving a problematic situation or adverse grading decision have been exhausted, a student may request a grievance hearing for certain course related issues.

  • Requests for a hearing should be made in writing to the Dean of the College or the Dean of Students.
    • When jurisdiction is in doubt, a student may notify and/or consult with either the Provost/Dean of the Faculty or the Vice President for Student Affairs. Requests for grievance hearings on course related decisions must be made as soon as possible.

Grievance Committee Protocol

  • The committee may consider matters with regard to allegations that a student is being graded unfairly in the classroom.
  • The committee will only convene when all other means of resolving a problematic situation have been exhausted and one or more of the following apply:
  • A final grade is clearly inconsistent with grades earned over the course of the term in the same course.
  • Egregious computational errors are evident.
  • The actual evaluation measure and grading criteria were not clearly articulated on the course syllabus.

Academic Grievance Committee
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