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CMSV 337 Data Analytic Committee

Policy Name: Data Analytic Committee

The Data Analytic Committee (DAC) is charged with facilitating the analysis of programmatic data. This includes the following objectives:

  • Review data sets and prepare for statistical analysis.
  • Review trend data and make recommendations to the curriculum committee about areas needing further analysis.
  • Analyze and tabulate qualitative data from preceptors, graduates, student evaluations of faculty, student evaluation of courses, and faculty evaluation of the program.
  • Operationalize the programs assessment plan involving all quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Compile and analyze important trend data, such as, but not limited to: graduation rates, student attrition rates, and faculty and staff attrition rates.
  • Compile and analyze data from admissions cycle to determine appropriate metrics and recommendations to the admission committee.
  • Analyze formative and summative data to determine student risk stratification.
  • Analyze graduate outcome such as PANCE.
  • Review and analyze clinical year data from preceptors and students.
  • A research coordinator will be a part of the DAC and their role will be fundamentally to compile, analyze, research, and outline the data being inputted so that the full DAC can be best prepared to draw conclusions based upon the most reliable presentation of data.
  • Minutes are taken by the program’s administrative assistant.