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CMSV 320 Leave of Absence/Withdrawals/Resumption of Studies

Policy Name: Leave of Absence/Withdrawals/Resumption of Studies

Master’s Degree Time Limits
All degree requirements for programs of more than 36-credits must be completed within 8 years. The initial semester of matriculation is the semester in which the student is approved for matriculation. Extension of this time limit may be granted due to unusual circumstances upon written request to the program director. Candidates are responsible for planning their programs to assure the completion of all requirements within the stipulated period. Learn more about master’s degree requirements.

Leave of Absence | Medical or Personal
A student due to a particular set of circumstances, may find it necessary to request a “Leave of Absence” from the College’s program or to withdraw from the program prior to the end of the academic or clinical semester. Students who wish to request a leave of absence will file a request in writing addressed to the program director, as well as the College’s Dean of the College or the Dean of Students.

Signed documentation of the approval of the Leave of Absence from the Dean of the College or Dean of Students must be provided to the program office.

Leave of Absence | Military
The program is committed to supporting students involved with the military. Students called to active duty will be considered on military leave and should immediately notify the program of this occurrence so arrangements can be discussed.

It is recommended that any military obligations be deferred if possible. If not possible, arrangements must be made in order to make up any time lost and to ensure the student is adequately prepared to successfully reenter the program.

Any student requesting a leave of absence for active duty military or reserve commitments are to notify the program director immediately upon receipt of your travel orders. Notification must also be made to the Dean of the College or Dean of Students. It is a mandatory requirement that you submit copies of your military orders to the above stated individuals immediately upon receipt of those orders. If possible, and if applicable, please have a general timeframe for return from active duty so that a proper reinstatement to the program can be designed.

Additionally, and with the consultation of your principal faculty advisor, a remediation program will be developed so that, if time and duty allow, you will be able to keep with a review of your course of studies and return to the program prepared for the resumption of your academic/clinical course requirements.

Leave of Absence | Probationary
This is an option which may be appropriate for a student who is struggling to maintain the minimum standards of the Master of Science Physician Assistant Program. The Academic Performance Committee (APC) will evaluate the circumstances surrounding the student’s inability to meet the academic standards, and render a decision based on the following criteria:

  1. A semester GPA greater than a 2.667 (B-).
  2. Failure of one academic or clinical course.

In the event a student is requesting a leave of absence in the first semester of the academic year, prior to establishing the mandatory minimum 2.667 (B-) semester GPA, the APC will use all pertinent data to that point to make its determination in regard to the request for leave.

A student who is placed on probationary leave for a maximum of one year forfeits their matriculated status. Upon returning to the program, the failed course(s) must be retaken and passed with a grade of 80 (B-) or better. The student will be required to audit courses designated by the APC. Once the leave of absence request is approved, the student has up to 12 months to submit for approval the criteria necessary for readmission (i.e. physician clearance if applicable, submission of additional coursework required, additional supporting documentation, and letter of intent).

Students will return on ‘Academic Warning’ and will remain on it for at least the subsequent semester. Failure to raise the GPA to a 3.00 or greater by the end of the returning semester may result in dismissal from the program.

The APC may offer the probationary leave option to a student only once in his/her course of study at the College’s program.

Please note: Students may not assume that requesting a leave of absence in writing implies that the request has been granted. They must receive official approval from the Dean of the College or Dean of Students. Failure to submit the appropriate documentation will result in a denial of the requested leave of absence.

Withdrawal From the Program
A student may apply for withdrawal from the College before the last day of classes for the semester. The student must complete the exit interview process through Academic Advisement on or before the effective date of withdrawal.

Withdrawal From a Course
Due to the nature and curriculum design of the program, a student will not be permitted to “drop” or “withdraw” from any selected singular didactic or clinical course work while within the program. Students who do not follow this procedure maintain course registration and are assigned a grade of “F” for the course and will be dismissed from the program.

Unofficial Withdrawal
Matriculated students who “drop out” for a semester or longer will be placed in ‘Unofficial Withdrawal’ status and will not be permitted to reenter the program and will be considered dismissed from the program. No appeal will be granted. Learn more about the ‘Leave of Absence’ and ‘Withdrawal Procedures.’

Resumption of Studies
Once the timeframe for the leave of absence has been exhausted, the student will be considered for readmission to the program. The following criteria must be adhered to:

  • A request for readmission, prior to the semester of your intended return, must be presented in writing to the program director, as well as to the Dean of the College or Dean of Students.
  • An APC meeting will be held to determine the best course of action with regard to readmission into the program. This may include but is not limited to:
    • Auditing of classes with criteria for successful completion determined by the APC.
    • Remediation of previous didactic or clinical course work.
  • Depending on the student academic status prior to the leave of absence, the student may be placed on ‘Academic Warning’ or ‘Academic Probation’ or continue in good academic standing.
  • The recommendation regarding student readmission along with any mandated readmission criteria set-forth by the academic performance committee, the recommendation of the program director, as well as the student’s request for readmission will be forwarded to the Dean of the College or Dean of Students for a final determination with respect to readmission.
  • If the student is successfully readmitted to the program, they will sign and have notarized a ‘Memo of Understanding’ outlining their didactic and clinical responsibilities upon resumption of matriculating status.

Financial Aid and Student Loan Consequences
Please be advised that a leave of absence is considered a withdrawal for financial aid purposes and will therefore affect a student’s full-time status and financial aid packages. Consequently, loan repayment obligations may be triggered. Students contemplating a leave of absence or withdrawal should consult with the College’s Office of Financial Aid in an expeditious manner about all requested leaves of absences and withdrawals for detailed information about the status of their financial aid prior to submitting a leave of absence application. You can make an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid online.

Tuition Cancellation Policy
The program adheres to the tuition cancellation policy stated in the College’s Academic Catalog. Learn more about the Refund Policy.