9.1 Sabbaticals

A faculty member, having completed six years of continuous full-time service at the College, may apply for a sabbatical leave. Sabbaticals may be granted to an individual once in seven years. Faculty may apply for either a semester sabbatical at full salary or an academic year at 70% of salary.

For a sabbatical leave, the faculty member must submit a full application to the Office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty. The application is to be submitted by December 1st for leave during the next academic year. The Faculty Development Committee shall make its recommendations based on the criteria for eligibility and the criteria for evaluation of the proposed project. After review, the Committee will forward an appropriate recommendation to the Provost/Dean of Faculty who makes the final decision.

Applications will be evaluated based on the criteria for eligibility and on the quality of the proposed project based on the criteria for evaluation.

The criteria for eligibility are (1) length of service, (2) time of last award, (3) number of previous sabbaticals and (4) evidence of work accomplished in last sabbatical.

The criteria for evaluation are (1) the rationale for the proposal, (2) the mutual benefit to the individual and the College, (3) the outcome of the Sabbatical project and (4) the plan for disseminating the work to an appropriate professional venue.

The purpose of a sabbatical is the faculty member’s intellectual enrichment through research, writing, publication or appropriate substitute. The proposed project should involve activities related to the scholarship of teaching, discovery, integration and/or application as shown through:

  • the development of discipline-related materials or media;
  • peer-reviewed publications;
  • presentation in the public arena (art, music, literature);
  • creative work in the discipline and scholarly grant writing.

The sabbatical leave is granted on condition that the faculty member will resume his/her responsibilities at the College for a minimum of one year following the sabbatical. A faculty member on sabbatical leave relinquishes all positions on College committees, but not the privilege of voting at department meetings, and is free from obligations to attend meetings, to keep weekly office hours and to advise students.

Appendix I: Applications for Sabbatical, Grant, and Course Release for Development of an External Grant Proposal or to Conduct Scholarly Research or to Develop Curriculum

Leave of Absence

Leaves of absence may be granted for specified reasons and stated periods and involve non-salaried recompense.

Approved May 3, 2016