9.3 Three-Day Schedules

Up to five three-day schedules are available for full-time faculty. The application procedure and criteria are as follows:

  1. An application must be submitted to the Provost’s Office for consideration by the Faculty Development Committee by December 1st for the subsequent Fall semester or by April 1st for the subsequent Spring semester.
  2. To be considered for a three-day schedule, the faculty member should propose to work on (i) a scholarly project or (ii) a course development project – new courses or major changes in existing courses that can be completed within the semester.
  3. The faculty member and the department head must agree that the faculty member’s advisement and course load can be accomplished within the three-day schedule. A letter of support from the department head must be submitted with the proposal.
  4. A maximum of one person per department will be eligible for a three-day week. The Faculty Development Committee will recommend meritorious proposals to the Provost/Dean of Faculty who will award no more than five three-day schedules per semester.
  5. Decisions regarding the three-day schedule will take into consideration the applicant’s history of previous three-day schedules that have been awarded.

Approved May 3, 2016