9.5 Travel Grants

Faculty travel grants are administered by the office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty. A schedule of the current travel grant allowances will be available for each academic year in the office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty.

Travel allowances may be granted to full-time faculty members to participate actively in a regularly scheduled meeting of learned societies and scientific associations. Active participation is defined as reading a paper, serving as a panel moderator, session Chair or respondent or functioning as an officer of the association, providing the association does not cover the officer’s expenses. Ordinarily, active participation is indicated by the appearance of the faculty member’s name in the program.

While it is recognized that some faculty members will attend more meetings than others, it is desirable that the opportunity to participate in such meetings be equitably distributed. Thus a faculty member should apply for travel funds for one meeting only at the beginning of the academic year. In the spring semester, a faculty member, actively participating in a second meeting, may apply for a second time for any remaining funds. Funds are distributed on a first come, first served basis, provided that all the conditions are met.

The faculty member receiving travel funds is responsible for arranging for a replacement, or if classes conflict, for giving an assignment to cover class time missed. In applying for travel funds, the faculty member will specify the general allotment of funds requested, such as kind of travel cost, board and other expenses. Every effort should be made to travel as economically as possible.

Faculty request travel funds by submitting the Travel Grant Request Form to the Office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty for approval. Once travel has been approved, the faculty member must submit receipts for all expenses and the approved Travel Grant Request Form to the Office of the Provost/Dean of Faculty within 30 days of completing the travel.

Approved May 3, 2016