9.2 Grants

A limited number of grants will be awarded to full-time faculty for research expenses. An applicant may request any sum up to a maximum of the amount currently being paid for teaching a three-credit course. Each proposal recommended for funding may be allotted an amount less than requested based on the feasibility of the budget submitted.

Grants may be used to supplement other funds for a specific project. A project partially funded by other sources shall not be excluded from consideration solely on the basis of other support being available.

Grants may not be used to complete requirements for a degree or certification of any kind.

Recipients of these grants are expected to return to the College for one full Academic year after the year in which the grant is awarded.

For summer grants, which may include compensation for a faculty member’s time, proposals should be submitted to the Provost’s office for consideration by the Faculty Development Committee by February 1.

For grants to cover research expenses undertaken during the academic year, which may not include compensation for a faculty member’s time, proposals should be submitted to the Provost’s office for consideration by the Faculty Development Committee by November 1 or March 1.

The proposal should give a reasonably detailed description of the project including: summary of topic, rationale, methodologies, dissemination, benefit to the College and the faculty member, and budget.

See Appendix I: Applications for Sabbatical, Grant, and Course Release for Development of an External Grant Proposal or to Conduct Scholarly Research or to Develop Curriculum

Approved May 3, 2016